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Chakra Meditations

Please stream our Chakra Meditations here for free.

We created and composed these different

Chakra Meditations for you as a way to say thank you.

Each meditation starts with the same relaxing breathing exercise

then moves into a guided visualization for each specific Chakra.


Meditation helps us to bypass the “analytical” brain and access the language of the heart. When we are able to just observe our feelings, not analyze or categorize them, but be aware of them, a deeper understanding of what “seems” silent can reveal itself spontaneously on the visual screen of our mind. This language of the heart can manifest itself through symbols, visions, sounds and circumstances; particular and focused, and as they invite further contemplation they unfold in a chain-reaction of experience, a birthing of beauty, an opening to that pure language.

There are many chakras systems, ranging from the three chakra system, to the five chakra system to the seven and ten chakra system, etc. We use the seven chakra system which is the most common.

We believe that guided meditation can present opportunities for personal interpretation and insight. By meditating we can access our inner guidance and begin to understand the wisdom it brings, to a new way of being. Like following a path, we can traverse the chakras; these energy centers and conduits along our body. By sidestepping our conscious brain, we can use meditation to gain insight through body wisdom and guide us to the new possibilities before us; illuminating our decisions and inspiring us along our inner journeys.


Please stream our Chakra Meditations here for free or for your convenience you can download All our Chakra Meditations as one album for only $1.99. 


Each Meditation starts with the same relaxing breathing exercise.

The term "block the nose" means you block the nostrils with your hand or simply

just stop the intake of air for a count of 5.



Seven Chakra Meditation
Seven Chakra Meditation -
This meditation is meant to line up all seven chakras. Using all the colors of the EM spectrum to guide your inner journey.
Crown Chakra Meditation
Crown Meditation -
The Crown Chakra mediates inspiration and mystical experiences, connection to life-force energy,
internal awareness and personal relationships with the divine.
Brow Chakra Meditation
Brow Meditation -
The Brow or Third Eye Chakra administers mental faculties, wisdom, discriminating perceptual skills,
intuitive reasoning and the ability to distinguish truth from illusion.
Throat Chakra Meditation
Throat Meditation -
The Throat Chakra encourages the articulation of will, acceptance, choice,
understanding consequences and the ability to speak truth to others and oneself.
Heart Chakra Meditation
Heart Meditation -
The Heart Chakra nurtures love and compassion, emotional perception, capacity
to forgive, 
expression of beauty and an attitude of gratitude.
Solar Plexus Chakra Meditation
Solar Plexus Meditation -
The Solar Plexus Chakra deals with personal power and self-esteem, 
self-respect and the need to face and overcome fears.
Sacral Chakra Meditation
Sacral Meditation -
The Sacral Chakra supports balance in relationships, a healthy sense of identity, creativity, 
financial security, and the ability to satisfy personal and physical needs.
Root Chakra Meditation
Root Meditation -
The Root Chakra oversees family relationships, basic survival skills, perceiving literal or physical realities, confindence in society and our connection
to the earth.
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