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Our Ankle Bracelets are made with smaller, more delicate semi-precious gemstones that sparkle and draw just enough attention to the ankle, while remaining comfortable and easy to wear.


Our ankle bracelets are made with Sterling Silver Clasps, Gold-filled clasps or Copper Clasps depending on the design of each piece and can come with an extender chain, just let us know your measurements when ordering from the drop down menu.


All Ankle Bracelets are one of a kind.   All our Semi-precious gemstones and crystals are unique; please anticipate natural variations. They will be shipped in a gift bag handsomely labeled with the energetic and healing properties of the different stones. If you have a special desire for a certain color scheme ask us. 


Free Priority Shipping for orders in the U.S. over $150.00

Standard Priority Shipping  $ 8.30

Ankle Bracelets

Stones are manifestations of our planet's creative nature. 

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