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Brow Chakra

This Chakra administers mental faculties, wisdom, discriminating perceptual skills,
intuitive reasoning and the ability to distinguish truth from illusion.

When this Chakra is balanced our wisdom comes from an open mind. 

Our inspiration comes forward and generates creativity.  We experience healthy introspection. 
We are open to guidance.


EM Spectrum: Indigo & Violet

Element: Thought

Note: “A”  Vowel: mmm, nn

2 petals  - Anja - to Perceive 



Gemstones: Amethyst, Lapis lazuli, Sugulite, Azurite, Kyanite, Sodalite, Moss Agate,

     Charoite, Fluorite, Hawk’s Eye, Labradorite


Essential Oils & Herbs: Rosemary, Lavender, Peppermint, Spruce, Frankincense, Elemi,
     Clary Sage


Body/Organs: Pineal, Eyes, Temples, Brain, Nervous System, Ears, Nose, Pituitary


Chakra Issues: Brain Tumor, Hemorrhage, Stroke, Nerve disorder, Learning Disabilities, Seizures, 

     Self-Evaluation, Feelings of Inadequacy, Inability to learn from emotional experiences.

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Brow Chakra Necklace
Brow Chakra Sterling Necklace
Brow Chakra Sterling Bracelet Back
Brow Large Necklace
Brow Chakra Sterling Bracelet
Brow Necklace
Brow Chakra B with Clasp
Om Sodalite SS Earrings
Brow Bracelet A with Clasp_edited
Small Brow Earrings
Anja Symbol

Stones are manifestations of our planet's creative nature. 

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