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Ceremoninal Jewelry

In all cultures across time civilizations have used stones in ceremonial healing as well as day to day needs, from Quartz Crystals in watches to Tourmaline in hairdryers. Wearing stones can help remind us of our dreams, desires and goals.  We design beautiful pieces to support physical, psychological or spiritual needs. 

Chakra Meditation Necklace
Chakra Meditation Necklace
Meditation Necklace

My mother asked me to make her a Meditation Necklace.  She wanted it to have an equivalent of 300 prayers. I decided to make it fifty prayer beads that she could use for prayer on each bead, doing this six times to equal three-hundred prayers. I thought about how to make something like this for her and it showed up one night in my mind.

The necklace has all seven chakras represented with seven round gemstone beads for each chakra, totaling 49 beads. Then there are seven larger, more intricate gemstone beads at the center of the piece representing each Chakra again.

To use the necklace as a Prayer Necklace you start at the intricate root chakra bead and go through all the chakra beads along the path, praying on each bead. One time around equals 50 prayers. Then you move on to the intricate Sacral Bead and pray again on each smaller bead through the circle, and so on up through the 6 Chakras: Root, Sacral, Solar Plexus, Heart, Throat and Brow (this equals 300 prayers) When you get to the final Crown Chakra Intricate bead you have one last prayer for Gratitude. 

As far as prayers go, you can choose your own or use simple Sanskrit for your 300 prayers. 

Many Blessings. 

Stones are manifestations of our planet's creative nature. 

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