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Chakra Bracelets

Our one of a kind Chakra bracelets are hand-crafted and each are designed to hold gently against your skin imparting the healing properties of the stones.  We are happy to design and build a bracelet using most any stone, color or energy property.  


Their placement on the wrists, one of the more transitory parts of the body, allows the stones access to many different energy centers during the day. 

A word about our BRACELETS:  Each Bracelet is hand-crafted and we use beautiful semi precious stones along with different precious and base metals.  Gemstones and crystals are unique; please anticipate natural variations.


All Bracelets ship in gift bag.

Free Priority Shipping for orders in the U.S. over $150.00

Standard Priority Shipping  $ 8.30

We also carry Ankle Bracelets. 

Check out our Leather Wrap Bracelets

Our Sterling Silver Chakra Bracelets

Stones are manifestations of our planet's creative nature. 

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