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Men's Designs

Far be it from us to say what a woman or a man can wear as jewelry. We make many bracelets and necklaces as a couple that we steal from one another all the time. We wear stones that speak to us and designs that make us feel comfortable and awesome. There are countless blogs as to how to be a man and what jewelry is acceptable to wear as a man? By who's authority?   We've included a couple of different collections on this page.  Here are some unique designs that we think look awesome on men. Enjoy!  

We think our Leather Wrap Bracelets look great on men and women.

If you are the adventurous type and can handle a commotion you need to check out our Tiny Top Hats.


Great for festivals and feeling sexy!


Damn he rocks that hat!!!!

If you see something that is Out of Stock but you love it, contact us for possible options.

A word about our Jewelry:  Each piece is hand-crafted and we use beautiful semi precious stones along with different precious and base metals.  Gemstones and crystals are unique; please anticipate natural variations.




All Jewelry ship in gift bag.

Free Priority Shipping for orders in the U.S. over $150.00

Standard Priority Shipping  $ 8.30

We are happy to design and build something specific using most any stone, color or energy property.  

Stones are manifestations of our planet's creative nature. 

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