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The Herculean Man

We've added our Men's Design page. And I set out to get some of our new products up and available for purchase. But how do you write about men's jewelry? How do I attract those looking for a little adornment with the limited search words that are available to lure you to EarthPowerStones.

Do I have to use words like brawny or synonyms for brawny which according to google are: "strong, muscular, muscly, well built, hard-bodied, powerful, mighty, Herculean, strapping, burly, heavily built, sturdy, husky, and rugged. " Are these the right words to advertise our products. What about: The Enlightened man, The Thin man, The Sensitive man, Smart or Nerdy man, or the man who doesn't adhere to any of these words. This led me to look up "Men who wear jewelry." Wow!! I never realized just how much the web was telling men how to to be manly or whether or not men should wear jewelry. And of course I should have known.

As a woman I'm used to the web, television and magazines telling us contradictory information all the time, using our distortions and insecurities against us while pedaling products to make us thinner, sexier, softer, quieter, better and hopefully perfect. And we, as little girls, grow up in this world knowing we are a 'subject' but we also get the hint that we've been made into an object. That duality lives in most of us even without our knowledge.

And according to the internet and advertising, todays man is now an object, as well as his own hero, marching to a beat that might not be his own. The internet and the news now discuss, debate and demand what it is to be a man, what it is to be a woman, leaving all of us left to ruminate why does everyone (me included) have an opinion to offer on what others should be doing? Just like an asshole, everyone has one.

So I stare at the Tag words box... what to add, how to show you our beautiful jewelry? Then I find myself looking at the animal kingdom and I am reminded it's the male in most species that struts his colors and flaunts his beauty. The birds with the brightest feathers are male. In ancient Greece men showed off their fabulous calves in pleated skirts. And let's not forget the tight Angel Flights of the 70's or the elizabethan codpiece; that one came back disguised as a fanny pack in the 80's.

But not matter what kind of man you are, here are some lovely designs to adorn yourself, more to follow.

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