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I love the Brecciated Red Jasper! These are thick beads, heavy and mixed with copper accent beads inter-spaced along black 2mm leather cord. I love the different color of red, black, brown and white all through the beads. The closure is my own design, it's a Copper Plated Om symbol on one side and a 10mm Brecciated Red Jasper cabochon on the other, that hooks with a Copper Hook.

This Wrap is one of our most popular, and is made to order.
It's made to wrap three times around the wrist.

SPECIAL INSTRUCTIONS for accurate length: When Measuring for WRAP BRACELETS locate your wrist bone, then measure your ARM about 2-3 inches up from that bone (one time around.) That will be your measurement for wrap bracelets.

Brecciated Jasper Leather Wrap Bracelet


    Stones are manifestations of our planet's creative nature. 

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