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Pretty in Pink Tiny Top Hat... Prom anyone

Pretty in Pink Tiny Top Hat... Prom anyone

  • I call it Pretty in Pink. The hat is light and attaches easily with professional wig clips sewn on opposite sides of the hat making it secure and great for dancing the night away. I make each top hat from scratch with my own unique base so no two hats are EVER alike. Getting the curve in the top hat was my main challenge. The material is Silk with hand sewn beads, Swarovski Crystals and sequins and feathers. And of course there is a helping of love. Not Too Tiny... It's brim is approximately 5.5". It's 3.5" tall. Pretty in Pink is from my refined generation of Tiny Top Hats. It's light and yet very sturdy. It has a jaunty shape that's tilted to the right. Just right for a Renaissance Faire. My very first Tiny Top Hat was made from a drink cozy we got on the way out of Burning Man, Duct Tape, a Paper plate, glue and fabric. I made it for myself for the Lost Circus Temple fundraiser out in Brooklyn two years ago, it weighed a ton... but I still love it. I've shown Lane rocking my White Tiny Top Hat that he got from me at PEX!!!! He looks awesome. If you have no hair but really like this hat I can attach netting to wear around your neck or if you have a need for a special top hat to match a particular outfit just let me know. I'd love to make you something awesome! Add some dangles to your ears in Pink to match. Materials: feathers, wig clips, silk, seed beads, sequins, rhinestones

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