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You will receive the stone pictured here.

Are those clouds drifting across the deep blue surface or mist from a nearby lake? With wisps of white against hues of vibrant blues. This Sodalite heart feels cool at first in your palm, then warms to a subtle weight. It is a perfect Throat Chakra Stone. We all need wisdom, logic, calmness when dealing with speaking our truth and sodalite can assist you in this manner. This healing stone can remind you to let go of your stress, let companionship in, learn to build self-esteem and can help you to heal communication breeches. Remember to tell your truth with intelligence, kindness, knowledge and temperance.


Please allow for different monitor colors.  

Sodalite 45mm Puffy Heart

  • This heart is 45mm, (about 2”)and 1.5” thick. 

Stones are manifestations of our planet's creative nature. 

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