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You will receive the stone pictured here.

Brown Tiger Eye is alluring and beautiful. You never know what you might glimpse within it’s deep layers or dusky hews, it soars with chatoyance. It fits in your hand and warms to the touch of your energy. A great power stone for self-discipline, practicality, protection, grounding & peacefulness. It helps one to focus on clarity, intellect, intuition & psychic powers, while making way for new experiences and calm. Holding it might help you to remember to release your inhibitions, while maintaining your integrity. A stone for willpower, personal strength, prosperity, and kundalini.


Please allow for different monitor colors.  

Tiger Eye 45mm Puffy Heart

SKU: TEheart
  • This heart is 45mm, (about 2”)and 1.5” thick. 

Stones are manifestations of our planet's creative nature. 

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