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How to make a prayer necklace


We had an awesome party at our house a while back... and I say awesome because we laughed a lot!!! We wanted to play games and laugh but we also wanted to have something to offer people to go away with, so we decided to offer the materials to make prayer necklaces.

I put out some tobacco, red squares of fabric, some sage and some pre-cut strings. I also needed to make a sign on how to make a prayer necklace as some of our friends had never made them. I left the information in a corner with the items to make their necklace and didn't really address it. Before long everyone at the party had a necklace they had made, some with just one intention and some with many little pouches around their necks. I gave them the option to take them and burn them themselves or we would do it for them.

It was a great night and many things that went into our necklaces came to light.

Here are the instructions for you. When you give people the option to dream, with a little help they can fly... xo

How to make a Prayer Necklace.

Cut a square of fabric. 6 x 6 inches is usually a good size. It's usually a good idea to use red fabric. Red is a color of protection for many cultures. By using red fabric you are protecting your intentions from other thoughts and influences.

Bring an intention forward in your mind. For instance:

Something you would like to change, improve, release or call into your life;

A role that you have outgrown and want to let go of; A pattern of behavior you wish to embody or release; Someone you wish to forgive, A prayer for someone you know, the world... etc. As you bring this intention into focus allow yourself to FEEL what it is to have this thing already present. See yourself (or whomever your intention is for) with the new intention playing out around you. Remembering we have everything around us always, feel the emotions of each thought and wish you are asking for as real and present in the NOW.

Then, while holding that intention in your mind, take a small pinch of Tobacco & Sage and place it in the fabric square.

Take some string and cut it at least twice as long as you want your necklace to be.

Pinch the fabric together to form a little pouch.

Then using the string, tie a square knot around the fabric’s middle so the tobacco is a secure little ball.

You may do this as many times as you wish; thinking and feeling each separate intention for each fabric square and tying them along your string to form a succession of little “prayer pouches”.

When you have finished your string of prayers, tie a knot in the end to form a necklace and put it around your neck. There is no need to share your intentions with anyone unless you wish.

You can keep your necklace with you as long as you like, a day, a week, a month, each time you put it on remembering, focusing and feeling what your intentions are for each pouch.

A Prayer Necklace is meant to be burned to release your intentions outward. When you feel comfortable take your necklace to a fire and burn it. All the while keeping your thoughts and feelings focused on what you are asking to come into the light.

Much Love and Laughter...

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