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Treating Seborrhea

I'd been looking for years for something to help my husband's Seborrhea. He gets it in the creases in his face, the lines and wrinkles, around his eyebrows and forehead, chin, cheeks and nose. It's basically a redness sort of like Rosacea but that it drys out and forms a crusty like scale that peels and itches.

There is a lot of reading on Eczema and Rosacea but not as much on Seborrhea and I've read what seems like everything there is to read about it. Some people think Seborrhea is a yeast infection like Thrush and others think it's similar to a virus and the list goes on. So we tried things you use on yeast infections and other things listed like Tea Tree Oil (Melaleuca) but nothing seemed to really work except the Steroid Cream that his doctor prescribed for him. And I'm not a fan of staying on prescriptions forever and ever, especially steroids.

After spending time in the sun his Seborrhea would get better but the winters were the worst.

I was determined to find something in my oils to help him out, so we started to use different oils to see if there was any one in particular that did the trick.

I wont drag it out with all the oils we tried but I will list them at the end because everyone is different and you might find something that works better.

All the Oils we tried helped out but this is the oil that really made the difference:

And The Winner is: Geranium

He has to be diligent with it and put it on everyday, but it has healed his skin. It can cause irritation for sensitive skin but he has been using it directly on his face for over two months now. I slather Vitamin E Oil with a few drops of Lavender Oil on his face every other night... he's very patient with my administrations. It's a little strong smelling but when you consider the benefits it's worth it!!! And you can cut it with a carrier oil like the Vitamin E Oil (Jason's Brand is the best and the cheapest) or you can get dehydrogenated Coconut Oil from Doterra as well.

He also gets Seborrhea in his ears but you have to be careful about putting Pure Oils in your ears, you shouldn't pour them in at all. He just uses a little of the extra oil with a carrier oil lightly on the skin inside his ears but never poured inside them, you don't want to damage your eardrum.

AMAZING!!! Yeah!!! Enjoy!!! I hope this helps someone out there!!! I am grateful for the comfort it has bestowed on my hubby's face!

Other oils that helped:

Melaleuca, Lavender, Helichrysum, Bergamot (be careful with Bergamot it's PhotoSensitive)

You can check out Geranium Oil

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