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The Amazing and Awesome Lemon! Or the on-going things I'm learning at Cabaret

The amazing things I'm learning at Cabaret: which include The Amazing and Awesome Lemon!

I spend my time at Cabaret on Broadway standing by for Fraulein Schneider. Which means I am ready, willing and able to go on stage at any moment for the role. I wait and I occupy my time with many different things, including this blog and recently we were working on a Cabaret Kit Kat Calendar for 2015, with all proceeds from the Calendar going to Broadway Cares/Equity Fights AIDS. (Be sure to check it out!)

Kit Kat Calendar 2015


It was a HUGE undertaking for everyone and all were extremely generous with their time and talents. The artwork and graphic design kept me very busy. And now to the subject of the The Incredible, the Amazing, the Awesome Lemon!

So as you may or may not know, as part of the design plot for the show, our Kit Kat Girls have to keep their armpit hair. A challenge for some of them in summer especially in this strange judgmental society in which we live. Odd that such a simple thing could make onlookers so uncomfortable.

But suddenly there was a real issue: deodorants and antiperspirants. There are soft-smelling, powdery scents that seem to mask the smell of sweat but don't really deal with a scent that many of us in the business know as "audition sweat" or "performance sweat." This sweat is special and sometimes it takes a more diligent approach... yet do we really want to be putting aluminum and all those other ingredients under our arms like: Aluminum, Parabens, Fragrance

Emollient Oil, Alcohol, PEG Distearates (Polyethylene glyco), Butylated hydroxytoluene (BHT), Talcum powder, just to name a few?

This article from the National Cancer Institute has some inconclusive but interesting information about antiperspirants and if there is a link to breast cancer. And this article from Antiperspirants Natural Remedies for Sweating People, has a lot to say about ingredients in commercial deodorants. Plus this interesting "gender issue" you can read up on which I've quoted here:

"There is a significant difference between female and male odour. Males will develop much more odour, which has a masculine, strong characteristic because of the dominating testosterone hormone. Women emanate a more sweeter scent which is mostly affected by feminine estrogens. A Swiss study done by researchers in Geneva revealed that women’s body odour contained high levels of sulphur, which together with dermal bacteria produces the chemical compound thiol that has a smell of garlic or onion. According to the study, men’s sweat was found to contain more fatty acids, which when mixed with bacteria from the skin, produces a certain brute smell, resembling cheese."

With all the cosmetics and free-radicals and shampoos and perfume, etc, etc, etc... how many different crazy things are we putting on our bodies? And I love the smell of Old Spice on my hubby but not on myself. I've tried The Rock and worked alright but not for more stressful situations. Then Jane at work discovered the AMAZING LEMON!!! What's awesome and amazing about Lemon is that has natural anti-bacterial properties. Here is a great article "9 awesome facts about Lemons you should know."

But along with these 9 awesome facts is one that is not listed. I've been using Lemon juice and water as deodorant since this summer. And it's amazing!!! Really!!! I take lemon juice pre-made from the supermarket and mix about 1/3 lemon with 2/3 water into a roller that I then keep in the fridge. You must keep it in the fridge or it will go rancid. I've included a link on this page to empty Roller Ball containers that I found on Amazon.

But now what if you want to go on vacation? It's not that easy to put your lemon juice cocktail in the airlines refrigerator, they just don't get it? I've found that a few drops of Lemon Essential Oil mixed with water in a spray bottle is a great substitute while on the road.

So... life goes on, I'm still at Cabaret and keeping fresh with my lemon deodorant and I'm working on a new jewelry piece, an Om pendant design I can't wait to share. In the next blog. But for now enjoy your lemon as a deodorant. It's amazing!!!! A small note: Be careful just after shaving... it can sting a bit.

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